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An alternative word, seen to add humor when someone has farted or let out any form of odour from the ass.
Frank & Bob: 'Normal Conversation'

Frank: (Interrupts Bob) Holy Shit, did you feuss ? ?

Bob: No, what ?
#fart #ass #toilet #shit #smell
by FrancoAus May 10, 2009
Dick, as in penis/stupid + weed, as in, marijuana. Marijuana, which perceives you to be dopey,. Weeds,also in general, as they are in the home garden. They are a pain in the ass and annoying. Therefore weed = dopey/pain in the ass/annoying. As one word, this comes to be 'dickweed'.
John: I told you not to put the sauce in until its completely cooked.
Paul: Oh,i didnt know. Oops.
John: You've just ruined it. You fuckin dickweed!
#dick #weed #marijuana #ass #shithead
by FrancoAus May 10, 2009
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