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3 definitions by Franco55

A comedy that isn't really a comedy but is in fact there to teach a life lesson or something stupid like that.
Franco: Hey Jimmy did you see "I love you Man"?

Jimmy: Yeah, it sucked. It was a little funny but was mostly a Sesame Street Comedy. I learned about love and life and almost vomited.
by Franco55 March 27, 2009
12 2
The area on the underside of he scrotum(nut sack) in between the testicles.
Franco: Man it sure is hot!
Jimmy: How hot is it?
Franco: It's hotter than Satan's nut cleavage!
by Franco55 April 05, 2009
8 3
noun: A lesbian alien. A portmanteau of the words "lesbian" and "alien." Also spelled, "Lesb-ien."
Brandon: Look at those two lesbiens doing it!
Franco: OMG
by Franco55 October 21, 2010
8 10