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Large, muscular gay men who wear leather and prowl gay bars looking for "game". See: Midnight Cowboy
Did you see the dick-duster mustache on that night lion? I think I should go talk to him about how strong my glutes have gotten from cross-fit and maybe I will be his game tonight. Meow.
by Frackerman April 27, 2011
Snot - crotch; a rare but important instance where a person's crotch becomes entirely covered with snot and boogers, either deliberately, or by accidental means, such as a violent sneeze during a blow-job or carpet munching extravaganza. Ideally, the creation of a snotch would come as a suprise to the target, who would act as a canvas for such a fine piece of art. Addendum: If the creation of a snotch happens during a blow job while the victim is currently seated upon an open toilet, this is known as a Blumpsnotch.
"Lick lick, yum, ah, ah, ah-choo!!" "Oh, my, goodness, you just snotched me, you malicious whore!"

"I told you I had a cold, ass-clown! It is quite a lovely snotch though, with the yellow and green hues."
by Frackerman June 21, 2011

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