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One who blares rap music at full volume with all windows open in his car, much to the annoyance of anyone else in a 30-foot radius.

Often two blastards will get into a volume war with their music, leading to a horrid-sounding mishmash of rap beats and cuss words that you can't keep from assaulting your ears even if you close your windows.
My drive from Atlanta to Orlando was plagued by the presence of a blastard that stuck by me on the highway the whole time. Now there's 8 hours I can't get the fuck back.
by FrackLuke March 16, 2013
Probably the biggest tomboy of a girl you're going to meet. Skye cuts her hair short and usually doesn't comb it either. She may or may not have a piercing or two, and if she does, they're bound to be in some weird-ass places. She can come across to those who don't know her as a total aesthetic mess, but don't tell that to her face. She'll kick your ass if you do, because did I mention she has a black belt?

Skye isn't one to talk about love, but she's got a thing for somebody; no doubt about that. And, chances are, that somebody's you.
Henry: Would you look at that, it's Skye. What a mess.
Luke: No kidding. That chick needs a shower.
Skye: *roundhouse kick*
by FrackLuke March 17, 2013

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