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Glamble (n.) 1. To aspire to glamour; 2. Take a risk or chance on fashion in the hopes of achieving a glamorous look; 3. Gamble/bet on a certain style to produce an elegant effect.
The dress she wore to the Formal was a glamble.
by Foundthecheese June 14, 2010
Gaycott (v.) 1. The act of boycotting by a mobilized gay constituency; 2. Refusal to deal with; 3. To picket -- (n.) a gaycotting.
In protest, the LGBT group gaycotted the company due to its anti-human rights policies.
by foundthecheese November 19, 2010
Obamaconomy (n.) 1. the structure or conditions of economic life in the U.S., as managed under President Barack Obama; 2. The economic plan and policies of the Obama Administration; also : a recessionary economic system inherited from Former President George Bush, as characterized by a large government deficit and job losses.
The Obamaconomy is based on strategic investment by government in jobs and the middle class.
by Foundthecheese November 24, 2012
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