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Fear of the absence of anybody called Zay, namely knowing that s/he is not going to be able to be in attendance for a particular event/time.

This condition is common in people who are close friends with Zay. This, like all fears/phobias, is irrational, as Zay will always be with you in spirit.
Person 1: "I'm having my recital this Friday, I hope Zay can come."
Person 2: "I don't think she can, I think she has an exam that day"
Person 1: "Damn, talk about your Zaynophobia".
by FounderEffect October 14, 2011
Unexpected change in direction of progression in life or any other activity.
Going off the rails.
Can be positive or negative.
Person A: "Did you hear about whats-her-face? She's working for McDonalds now instead of her Government job."
Person B: "Sounds like she's going sidewards."

"Her life is sidewards now that she's won lotto"
by FounderEffect April 08, 2012
To go forwards in life, positive future projection. Alternatively, it can also be applied to anything that has positive progression.
Person A: "Did you hear whats-her-face has a new job working for the Government"
Person B: "Sounds like she's going frontwards"

"This conversation is going frontwards"
by FounderEffect April 08, 2012

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