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3 definitions by FounderEffect

Fear of the absence of anybody called Zay, namely knowing that s/he is not going to be able to be in attendance for a particular event/time.

This condition is common in people who are close friends with Zay. This, like all fears/phobias, is irrational, as Zay will always be with you in spirit.
Person 1: "I'm having my recital this Friday, I hope Zay can come."
Person 2: "I don't think she can, I think she has an exam that day"
Person 1: "Damn, talk about your Zaynophobia".
by FounderEffect October 14, 2011
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Unexpected change in direction of progression in life or any other activity.
Going off the rails.
Can be positive or negative.
Person A: "Did you hear about whats-her-face? She's working for McDonalds now instead of her Government job."
Person B: "Sounds like she's going sidewards."

"Her life is sidewards now that she's won lotto"
by FounderEffect April 08, 2012
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To go forwards in life, positive future projection. Alternatively, it can also be applied to anything that has positive progression.
Person A: "Did you hear whats-her-face has a new job working for the Government"
Person B: "Sounds like she's going frontwards"

"This conversation is going frontwards"
by FounderEffect April 08, 2012
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