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36 definitions by Fotofly

state of mind after losing one's life savings in the stock market and or real estate.
In 2008, I went "investmental" and shot a bunch of Hedge Fund Managers and Stock Brokers with a high powered rifle, it was quite therapeutic.
by Fotofly November 23, 2010
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when pharmaceuticals produce side effects that are far worse than the affliction they supposedly are supposed to alleviate.
Moonesta, the sleep aid...Pharmeffects may include attraction to farm animals, cannibalism, zombie walk, uncontrollable drooling, anal bleeding, thoughts of suicide, and psychotic behavior. If death occurs, discontinue use.
by Fotofly November 23, 2010
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1. an extremely long pause during a public announcement over an intercom, where the microphone is still keyed and making static noise, indicating a brain fart by the person making the announcement.
Bruce was very nervous on his first day as a stewardess. While making the the safety announcement, he slipped into an "intercoma" in the middle of explaining the oxygen masks.

For nearly thirty seconds, the microphone hissed in the passenger's ears until he regained his train of thought.
by Fotofly November 24, 2010
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1. a chicken farm run by large American franchise restaurants that cram as many steroid fed chickens as possible into an unhealthy environment to increase their financial bottom line. These franchises have little or no regard for public health.
I ain't eating that shit bird from a chicken brothel, so don't go to KFC.
by fotofly December 04, 2010
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1. the leak of confidential information out of the U.S. federal government's data bases, that is subsequently leaked to the general public on wikipedia, making the government look foolish.
The clowns in the federal government still haven't stopped the wiki trickle. Too bad the information isn't interesting.
by Fotofly November 29, 2010
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1. a shot of liquor taken from the belly button of an unkempt person.
Sarah was really drunk by the time she decided to take body shots off of Willy the biker. As she sucked the cheap tequila from his navel, she got a rude awakening when a soggy mass of "lint liquor" lodged in the back of her throat.
by Fotofly November 24, 2010
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1. inordinate fascination with oneself because one lives in the state of California (and a state of denial).

2. the mistaken belief that California is the center of the Universe, leading to an extremely cocky and obnoxious attitude toward people from everywhere else.
Dave, the porn movie producer, couldn't stop admiring his reflection in the review mirror while he was driving in his convertible. His Californarcissism was becoming dangerous, as he was constantly running people off the road.
by Fotofly November 30, 2010
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