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A play on words, which, when used correctly, can bring one a load of laughs and a barrel of cool.
Really Clever Kid:"Hey, you wanna hear a pun?"
Really Hot Girl:"Yeah, sure!"
Really Clever Kid: "What do you call a girl living in the Playboy Mansion of Czechoslovakia?"
Really Hot Girl: "I.D.K. What?!??!!?"
Really Clever Kid: "A checkmate!"
Really Hot Girl: "LOL!!!!!! Lets have sex..."
by Forty Two January 16, 2008
an escalator made of poop
"Man, I wish they had some more poopscalators around here!"
by Forty Two December 11, 2007
a tasty mix of milk and gatorade.
suggested recipe calls for 2/3 of solution to be gatorade, preferably Glacier Freeze, and 1/3 to be pure milk. in fact, physically squeezing the milk out of the cow, into the gatorade, produces the best results.
it tastes quite good, sort of like a blueberry shake, but it is suggested that it is drank in the first two minutes after its production.
Penny: "The gatormilk tastes sour!"
Al: "It looks weird..."
Johnny: "Quick! You're supposed to drink it in the first two minutes after you mix the gatorade and the milk!"
Glenn: "Hurry up and drink the fucking gatormilk!!!"
Al: "That tasted like shit!"
Norm (from the bathroom): "I have diarrhea!!!!!!!!!!!"
Al: "FUCK!"

by Forty Two March 10, 2008
an acknowledgment of any good use of sarcasm in a nearby conversation
Jimmy: "Hey, what did the advertisement on the window pane of the liquor pane say?"
Fred: "What?"
Jimmy: "We De-Liver"
Fred: "Wow, that's the funniest joke I've heard in ages."
Ollie: "Sarcastic KA-POW!!!"
by Forty Two March 10, 2008
an overweight person; someone who is plump and/or consumes large quantities of fudge.
"Lay off the McDonalds, fudgemite!!!"
by Forty Two March 19, 2008
a verb reffering to the action of standing on one leg
"The maze was quite tricky, so she had to lalembose through the pit of balls."
by Forty Two August 10, 2008

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