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Makers of the finest guitars known to man. The guitar of choice for Dime, the Schenkers, Leslie West, Randy Davis, and countless others, these near-mythical musical instruments have been known to increase guitar playing ability, cure leprosy, double penis size, turn any guitarist into an instant hero, vaporize bras/panties/female inhibitions, change water to wine, increase IQ by twofold, cure IBS, boil water on contact, destroy all enemies, inspire EMO tools to pursue a career in real metal, reduce the oil consumption of high-mileage vehicles, grow new hair in funny places, change the most diehard Brokeback Jay into all that is Man.
Ian: Dude! What happened to Jay? He can barely walk!
Brandon: He played my DFH and his kneecap was crushed by the immense weight of his newfound elephant penis. Then he graduated Harvard and impregnated 764,995 women with superhuman fetuses. The other 5 women exploded because the supersperm were playing Dean guitars and their weakened wombs could not handle the righteous thunder spewing forth from the inside.
Ian: That'll happen.
Brandon: That will happen.
#dean #guitars #donkey dick #dfh #emo #brokeback
by Formula73 April 12, 2006
Possibly the most comically masculine, chest-thumping cheeseball frontman since the dude from Manowar. Known for wearing tight black muscle shirts that show off his pointy man boobs and his bald, misshapen head.
I actually kinda liked Disturbed until I saw David Draiman on stage. What a douche.
#david draiman #disturbed #mallcore #crap #metal
by Formula73 June 15, 2006
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