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When a woman, be it through loose baggy clothing or some other means, does not appear to have a very impressive rack then reveals that she has fantastic tits.
So I really I liked this girl at work, not too cute but a lot of fun. But I only ever saw her in that dumb, baggy work uniform, so when we went to a bar and she worse this tight T-shirt, I was floored. She'd been holding out on the Ninja Tits!
by Ford Leiden December 25, 2009
Usually a bar or restaurant, but any sort of establishment with "regulars" that all know each other and are afraid of strangers or new faces, that acts as a support group for the untalented and unfortunate people of the world who have been unsuccessful at their lives. This self-contained environment allows only positive feedback and therefore is intentionally oblivious to the real world and its harsh judgment. The denizens of this world are the "trout" that have been caught by the harsh realities of life and are farmed in a safe environment where no one can harm them. Karaoke bars and Independent Coffee Shops are frequently Trout Farms.
Everyone was telling me why my life was so terrible and I was so untalented, but the I went down to the Trout Farm and everyone told me how great I was and put gold stars on my crayon drawings!
by Ford Leiden December 26, 2009
A gay male who has Fag Hag female friends that don't actually respect him and merely use him as a means to passively-aggressively vent their own frustrations and hostilities towards straight males. Typically they are seen as cute and adorable and only capable of talking about cliche, girly topics, thus they are seen more as a emasculated male then as an actual human being by their fag hag friends.
Why does Bobby hang out with those bitches, they don't respect him. He's such a Fag Hag Bitch.
by Ford Leiden January 04, 2010
1) A battleground for the war being waged in Williamsburg, Brooklyn between the hipsters and the Hasidic Jews.

2) The new symbol for passive-aggressive antisemitism, with the irony that only a hipster could imagine.
It really made me uncomfortable when they repainted the Williamsburg bike lanes, I mean they're trying to bully the jews in a historically jewish neighborhood. They really need to take a deep breathe and think about what they're doing.
by Ford Leiden December 27, 2009
One who was once an atheist, has a brief period of some form of belief, then realizes how dumb that was and goes back to his or her atheist roots.
This dumbass hippie chick got me into astrology, then I realized wft is wrong with me and went back to the dark side. So now I'm a Born Again Atheist.
by Ford Leiden December 27, 2009
Someone who changes information on Wikipedia, most likely false information, solely for the purpose of winning an argument.
I was arguing with Mikey about James Bond being on the Sargent Pepper's album cover. So I excused myself to use the bathroom and just changed the wikipedia article on my iPhone, thus proving that I was right. I'm such a Wikipedia Bitch.
by Ford Leiden December 26, 2009
The act of living one's entire life using the same philosophy of singing a song with a karaoke machine. Whereas a karaoke singer does not actually create the music or content of the art that they are borrowing, they can for a brief period pretend that they are the artist that they admire and take credit for the song. This allows them to take a bow without actually accomplishing anything other then mimicry. Someone following the Karaoke Lifestyle will then have very low standards yet a high sense of self-importance. They act much like the other farm animals in the fable "The Little Red Hen", but still manage to eat a piece of the bread without actually having done any work for it but simply due to a delusional sense of themselves being geniuses. Musicians are the most frequent members of this group but it can include most any sort of person.
That girl is so obnoxious, she acts like she's the most important person on the team but always has someone else do her work for her. Just another Karaoke Lifestyle idiot squeaking by on other people's work.
by Ford Leiden December 26, 2009

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