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puerto rican version of "dude" or "guy"
yo essa, whats up?
by ford October 03, 2003
Leader of the A-Team, played by George Peppard.
"I love it when a plan comes together."
by Ford February 19, 2005
People that live in India, Indians.
"I can't understand a goddamn word that guy from tech support said."
by Ford February 19, 2005
Cliff Bleszinski, Attention Whore. Game designer. Revered as a god among UT fan-boys.
OMG, cliffyb said it was teh 0wnage!
by Ford February 19, 2005
Avid follower of Christian teacher Bill Gothard's IBLP (and often ATI) teachings. Usually meant as an insult by heathen.
"Did you see that family of eight with the navy and blue clothes? I'll bet they are Gothardites."
by Ford February 19, 2005
A 3700lbs car
Thats a big bitch!
by Ford October 28, 2003
The apothosis of sex.
Kedri == Sex > *
by Ford March 25, 2003
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