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When you accidentally trip over a turtle who is eating an ice cream cone.
What the hell, I just pulled a coogleshiffy.
by Foopydangler August 14, 2006
One who is able to fit their head through bars on a banister, while simultaneously juicing lemons and other citrus fruits.

Can also be used as a verb.
Dude 1: So I say, "Sally, where have you been? And then she says, "What the hell Bobby, it's not my fault Jimmy likes that I'm a tunatanglanger."

Dude 1: Aw man, have you seen Sally tunatanglang?
Dude 2: No, but I hear she makes a mean three-citrus juice blend.
Dude 1: Yeah, but my mom choked on it and died.
Dude 2: That sucks.
by Foopydangler August 14, 2006

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