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Pecker pants are not flood pants, as indicated by the other guy.

Pecker pants are any loose fitting pants such as sweat pants, pjs, track pants, etc that are worn with no underwear.

Ur pecker bulges out like a sore thumb, really noticeably.
Mom: OMG son, I can see your junk thru those pants!

Son: Mom, u suck! Stop checking out my meatspin when I come down the stairs.

Mom: Well stop wearing those pecker pants and I'll get back to making u cookies.
by foogan September 03, 2008
It's a crackhead, only said by some Haitian cabbie to Chev Chelios upon getting into the back of his cab in a disorderly state, before offering him some "Haitian sheet"
What matter with you, you fucking clackhead?

Get out of my cab, fucking clackhead.

Try this Haitian sheet, fucking clackhead.
by Foogan April 05, 2009
Drinking light beer.

'Fucking close to water'
Hey this beer is canoe sex. What the.. Who ordered this??
by Foogan June 11, 2006
In P.E.I. if you don't pay for cable, then you get TFC- Two Fucking Channels (ATV and CBC)

If you're lucky and have your antenna set juuuust right, then you might be one of the chosen few who can receive Advanced TFC, where you can tune in fuzzy, but barely watchable Global.
Fuck cable, I grew up with TFC, and I turned out fine.

Mr Dressup and TMNT rocked my socks as a youngster.

YTV blows your Dad
by foogan February 05, 2008

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