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1. to take someone else's belongings
2. the updated version, or slang that replaced "sneak", which means to punch someone in the face.
1.Back when I was younger, I would have told dude 'Im'a sneak you', but thats old so nowadays I just be like 'I'll steal the shit out you'.

2. If you steal my shit, Im'a steal you bitch!

3. To steal a person means to punch them in their face, therefore, it is redundant to tell someone that you will "steal them in the face".
by FooGe March 26, 2004
1. to punch someone in the face, considered archaic but is still commended and praised when people of urban background (or people affiliated with people from urban backgrounds) reminisce over times of beating the asses of others. Used in early 80's (possibly earlier)up to late 90's.
*past tense form- snuck
1. Man I was listenin to my krush groove tape, lookin all fresh with my big ass gold chain on and shit, when John dumb ass walked past and tripped over my boom box. So I snuck the shit out of him.

2. On some real shit yo, niggas don't say it no more but a lil while back...sayin you would sneak a nigga was the thing, when you had to straighten a muthafucka out, feel me?
by FooGe March 26, 2004
a word used generally when referring to any male. can be used in the place of "man", "son", "dude" and so on. But there should never be a "that" in front of neph, often people make this mistake.
This rule is like the a/an rule in enlish class. You might say "give me a apple" rather than the correct alternative "give me an apple", but you can't get away with saying something like "give me an dollar". This sounds stupid, as does "look at that neph".

*neph is the short version of nephew
1. Call the ambulance or sumthin, neph just got hit by a big ass truck.

2. Neph, you aight?

3. Neph, is very similar to dude, but unlike dude, one shouldn't say sumthin like "i know that neph"...it just doesn't sound right. Just say "i know neph". One should also avoid saying things like "which neph" as a response, just say "who?" or sumthin like "Neph, who the fuck you talkin bout?"

4. Neph not as patient as I am, John tried to cock block (see cock blockin/cock blocking) when he was about to hit that chic off, and he just beat John ass yo!

5. Yo son, look at neph in the spandex.
by FooGe March 26, 2004
Similar to cop blocking, only more specific. An interference, that brings a hault to any sexual act involving a man's (or a woman's in some cases) penis. It is sometimes used even when a man (or a woman with a penis) is just talking to someone, this is a stretch but is appropriate as long as their intentions are to eventually have sex with the person they are talking to, and they have some chance. If the person they are talking to shows no interest, and one interrupts...then they are probably doing this person a favor. Either that or just adding insult to injury.
Yo we was kissin, she had her panties off and her hands all on my dick, I was just about to smash...>sigh< until John cock blockin ass "accidentally" walked in on us.
by FooGe March 26, 2004
When someone intervenes while you are in the process of getting something. Often used in cases when one stops you from getting a phone number, information, or something else, from a girl (or guy).
Can also be shortened to "Blockin".

also see cock blockin/ cock blocking
Yo this chic was about to give me her number until John cop blockin ass came over there, tryin to get in the conversation we was havin.
by FooGe March 26, 2004

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