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Dope ass hip hop group. They rap about political issues and various injustices that occur to mainly black people in the United States. They rap in a way that is relatable to white kids in the suburbs and black middleclass.
Dead Prez- W-4

What a nigga gonna eat when the refrigerator empty?
Work all week let the bossman pimp me?
Can't pay no rent till the 15th
Landlord call the police to evict me
Lookin for a job in the want ads
Have you ever been to jail? Know they gone ask
Ever took a piss test that you didn't pass?
In between jobs in the past? How you get cash?
I done worked over hot ass stoves
I done picked up trash off roads
Winter time in the streets and the cold
Many times had to sleep in my clothes on the flo'
What you know bout bein' po' seein' most of yo kinfolk be on dope?
Ain't nobody in the hood got no hope in this fucked up system and that's why we don't vote
Still payin niggaz 4.25 - How the fuck we supposed to survive?
I'm close to the edge, government takin most of my bread
taxes might as well have a toast to my head
Make a nigga wanna wild out
runup in the white house with the gauge out, CLICK CLACK!
by Flyboy730 January 24, 2007

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