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The state or federal slammer, as opposed to the local clink, or minimum-security house.
You run away from in da house, and yo goin to da big house, wen day catches you!
by Fly On The Wall October 23, 2005
The slang term that Hispanics use when they mean Jesus. See Yeshua.
Hey Zeus, get over here before I warm your butt like a tortilla!
by Fly On The Wall October 24, 2004
1. A person who is too scared to take a dare.

2. A person who objects to participating in an activity because it's wrong.

3. A person who is phobic.
I don't want to put a live fish in my vagina!

Fraidy cat!
by Fly On The Wall October 24, 2004
Turn around and go the other way.
Only a person who has never been outside Boston would think that only people from Boston say bang a uey.
by Fly On The Wall December 22, 2004
A real loser, a laugh and a half, someone pretending to be a man.

Based upon a Spike TV advertisement for some stuff that no real man would want in his body.
This is Bob. Bob needs help. He isn't a real man, so he takes some medicine that will be a man for him.

This is Bob's wife. She just fell in love with the medicine and left Bob. See how happy she is.
by Fly On The Wall December 30, 2004
Earthquake test by Downstrike on December 26, 2004.

No, the peeps on the beaches didn't get to a urinal before they pissed themselves.
This is only a test.

In the event of an actual earthquake...
by Fly On The Wall January 16, 2005
An excuse for Americans to pretend to speak Chinese with a Japanese accent. It's hard to say who they're making fun of.
Chinese: It call "lo mein".

Japanese: That what I say, "lroh-main".

American, chanting:

by Fly On The Wall January 19, 2005
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