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5 definitions by Fluster

Screwed; Put in a bad place; A horrible situation.
Fuck, here comes the asshole who orders mad LB's of shit, and Paul just left the counter.
"I got fuckin Zeed bro!"
by Fluster November 15, 2004
5 6
Being confined to a small room with lots of people and being as loud, annoying, and obnoxious as possible.
We can play, but please dont be loud.
Dont worry, i wont pull a Big-T.
by Fluster November 05, 2004
3 5
The term itself means "Fire in the Hole!.

A popular term used in SOCOM. The Asian terrorists would scream out "QUALIBHAD" as they hurled a grenade at an enemy.

Also can be used to taunt people in low paying, humiliating jobs. EX: Toll Booth guy, Gas station attendant, and sometimes customers of a supermarket.
(Typical example of Qualibhad use:)
Yo, did you hear me scream out Qualibhad to the lady at the toll booth?
Yeah dude, you showed her!
by Fluster November 16, 2004
2 5
Imagine the biggest most oversized red sweater on the gayest person in the world. His name is Vincent John.
Joe watched the weather forecast and it called for rain. he then called Vincent John and asked him to borrow his big red sweater to be used as car tarp.
by Fluster November 05, 2004
3 7
spanish; gay; loves reid; hates fluster.

Also known to use the word "Damnit" towards a person during gaming scenarios.

Also always seems to wear Aeropostale shirts.
I am Nick...the Hondurian Nightmare.
by Fluster November 06, 2004
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