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Any liquid sprayed, shot, flung, or projected from one's person that has a disease of multiple diseases in it. Such liquid is known to contain the "platinum splash." Said liquid is known as "shazzle," which is generally in one form or another used to describe ejaculate, or projectile of liquid excitement.
Jimmy shot his platinum shazzle all over Hector's back, and it was a gruesome moment to witness indeed.
by Fluffy The Rhino September 09, 2008
1. An extremely stupid individual who displays both a low intelligence quota, as well as a severe lack of common sense.

2. A complete idiot
Igor burned down the castle when he attempted to perform electrical work in it with with no experience, what a mind cripple.
by Fluffy The Rhino September 02, 2008
1. An all-encompassing term describing one or multiple sexually transmitted diseases

2. A means by which an individual can announce his or her contraction of one or more sexually transmitted diseases without actually stating what it or they are for privacy
1. Sheila got the platinum splash from her boyfriend

2. Fred decided to tell his parents that he had contracted the platinum splash, rather than endure the pain of explaining that he had both herpes and genital warts
by Fluffy The Rhino September 02, 2008
1. Similar to road rage, only affecting those who drive crappy import vehicles and domestic vehicles (such as the Dodge Neon) that appear to have import-like qualities.

2. When an individual with an import drives over-aggressively on public roads to show off his rice driving skills.

3. When an individual driving a ricer angrily cuts off domestic vehicles in traffic in fits of childish jealousy.
Fredrick drives like a moron because he is angry that he owns a Dodge Neon with a body kit, instead of a real muscle car. He has rice rage.

Did you see that jerk-off in that Honda Civic with all those stickers cut us off? He must have rice rage.
by Fluffy The Rhino May 11, 2009
1. A generic term used to describe the act of expelling liquid from his or her body in a fit of momentary excitement.

2. The act of showing extreme excitement
1. Igor shazzled on the carpet when he received news that he was approved to have surgery to remove the hump growing on his back.

2. Igor was saddened when he realized he would have to clean up all of the shazzle he sprayed on the carpet.
by Fluffy The Rhino September 02, 2008
An 'emo' cancer patient.
Although Igor was bald from radiation, he still wore makeup and kissed other boys because he was a Keemo.
by Fluffy The Rhino September 02, 2008

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