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A fluffer prepares the cocks of pornstars for action on the set of an adult movie before the shooting of an explicit sex scene.
That fluffer gobbled my knob with such vigor...that I almost blew yogurt raisens before my big scene
by Fluffer May 20, 2003
A humble terzetto shining with grace and pulchritude. Also see pee wee, fluffer and hammer
Wow! The SAB owns this shit!
by Fluffer March 17, 2005
something that is crude and rude. It is a noun.
I would not fuck you with a rubber donkey dick. And or...that sucks rubber donkey dick.
by fluffer November 23, 2002
An epileptic midget
Never let a "Napkin" operate heavy machinery.
by Fluffer May 20, 2003
When you get stuck in a shitty cabin on the south rim of the Grand Canyon.
The hotel at the Grand Canyon was full, so they gave us a rim job.
by fluffer February 25, 2005

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