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2 definitions by FluffForever

Someone who thinks that South Australia is in New South Wales.
They refer to the bathroom as 'Peepee World' and love to pick up fluff and throw it around the room.

They're also a very kind person, and you're lucky if they're your friend :P
Person 1: Is South Australia in New South Wales?

Person 2: Omg you must be a Rasadi!
by FluffForever November 10, 2011
A person who has been brought up learning the wrong pronunciation of words.
Some examples are:
Quiche - Kwitch
Hash Brown - Harsh Brown
They also have difficulty deciding whether a certain fruit is an orange or a mandarin.

They are also an amazing friend and know how to make people laugh :)
Person 1: Is this an orange or a mandarin?
Person 2: I think it's a morange Nanduni.
by FluffForever November 12, 2011