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a person whose diet consists of mostly vagina and maybe some watermelon.
- yo donturius is chu tryin to get some cheeseburgers right quick

-absolutley not, I'm a strict vaginatarian, I'll be eating at your mom's house tonight
by Flowaz in da buildin January 01, 2010
an old ass nigga
guy 1- damn donturius that old man is is still slangin leg at an astounding rate.

guy 2- oh dats my nigeezer right thur
by Flowaz in da buildin December 29, 2009
the act of having sex with many girls for an extended period of time, thus vastly increasing the number of girls you have had sex with, or in others words getting your fair share.
young boy: Grandpa how come grandma is so mad at chu

grandfather: must have found out I got the herp from slangin leg back in the day lil wodie.
by Flowaz in da buildin December 28, 2009
1. slang for the act of hooking up with a girl.

2. physically taking hold of one's penis and swinging it in a helicopter like motion.
I would not go in there right now andre my friend donturius is swinging meat.

muffuga! I might jus have to swing meat myself deen
by Flowaz in da buildin December 28, 2009
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