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pronounced (Jess-ih-kah)
Common name in Canada and the United States. Most Jessikas are friendly and pretty much amazing.
Timmy: Have you met Jessika?
Joel: Ya, Shes way more awesome than Jessica
by Jessika87 September 24, 2007
Someone who makes a lot of effort to become succesful. She's gorgeous, yet shy. But when she's around her friends she's the most outgoing one in the group. When comfortable around you she can be lovely and obnoxious, but not in a bad way. She keeps you laughing and she's always there to listen to your side of the story. Guys love her because she's adorable and girls admire her because she seems to know what she's doing in life.
Dude- Hey did you Jessika today?

Girl- She looked gorgeous!

Dude- I copied her math test yesterday and I got an A. :]
by Justanotherbestie September 26, 2009
JessiKa is a lovely, intelligent, kindhearted, goddess of a woman who knows how to spell MISHEARD!
I think you MISHEARD. It's Ms. JessiKa to you!
by speaktruth4real February 05, 2010
Jessika is the epitome of perfection, she is the best thing that will ever happen in your life. If you ever have the blessed priveledge of meeting such a Jessika then your will be complete...
-I met Jessika today and my life changed, she's amazing.
-Wow i need to meet Jessika.....
by Like-a-boss July 21, 2010
Another way to spell "Jessica". The orginal way to spell it is J.E.S.S.I.C.A
What more can I say?
Who needs an example for Jessika?
by Caitlin13579 July 09, 2011
people who cant spell their ownname right,

or want to make themselves appear more exciting to the rest of the world.

can be refered to as an idiot
oh i think you missheard me my names jessiKa
by its spelt with a C not K August 27, 2008

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