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Is a site that only reviews Browser based games.The site is small,and all reviews are typed the same person.
Hey have you seen this site?BrowserBased? I thought the review were objective and informative.
Whats the url?
Its just browserbased with webs before the dote com
Awesome,thanks dude!
by Flore2938 November 12, 2010
I very fun,FREE game that is very addicting.It harsd to log in,sometimes,but you can log on during week day during to day time(When the kids are in school) and at night(when to kids are sleeping).
The first game by Artix entertainment.

many people think that it cost to much money to be a guardian,when it only a ONE TIME payment of 20 dollars.Needless to say,people are very misinformed.
LEVEL 110 fuck ya.I love Adventure Quest.
by Flore2938 October 21, 2010

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