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Related to go die in a hole except more hostile. Both are mainly used in the south,when someone is pissed off or used as a comeback.

The reason for it being more hostile is because someone in undertext is telling you,to get hit by a hurricane or tornado.

Since hiding in a ditch is what your told to do when facing said things.

1."Yo,bro your girlfriend's a mega whore!"
"...Go die in a ditch.."
2."RGGH idiots,you should all go die in a ditch"
by FlippyHippy July 09, 2010
Often said by older males who are indeed high/drunk,when they can't get another beer or they are kidding around with their buddies. Other times just used to be a jackass

It's actually just the word motherfucker backwards,hence the drunkness or highness

Sometimes tooken offensive
1."FUCKERMOTHER! Where izz myy drik!?" (drunk ussage)
2."Dude what's in this crap? You crazy fuckermother! :D" (buddie ussage)
3."....You stupid fuckermother" (offensive ussage)
4. "FUCKERMOTHERS I OWN THE WORLD"(plain ol' being a jackass)
by FlippyHippy July 06, 2010
Meaning;I don't give a f***! Get away or I'll kick your ass,my foot going in sideways! Used when extremly annoyed or pissed off by somebody. Also can be used as a comeback
Person 1:Oh,Oh,Oh can I have your autograph?!
Person 2: Just shove it up your ass sideways,damnit! D<

Person 1:Coward!!
Person two:shove it up you ass sideways.
by FlippyHippy October 06, 2010
When someone is terribly stressed or burdened by something. It's a very weird noise to hear and sounds strained.
1."Ohh,sorry sir we lost your package in the mail...."
"HOIYEE! That was my mother's china!"

2."Shit...,Shit! My dad's gonna kill me Hoiyee..."
by FlippyHippy July 09, 2010
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