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A person who is passing a logger, and due to the extreme pain, and has an expression that is funny as hell, until that person is you!
Dude 1: Oh sh*t, I've got a logger!
*Dude 1 makes a weird expression*
Dude 2: Hahahahaha, you're a derpy logger!... OH SH*T!!!
#logger #derp #pain #fail #poop
by FlipD3RP December 01, 2011
The act of epicly poking someone with a stick. Usually results in epicness. Also may be done by the skilled with a finger.
Guy 1: *walking down the street*
Guy 2: *pokes guy 1 with a stick*
Guy 1: WTF was that!?!?
Guy 2: Muahaha, I prestidiginated you!
*world explodes from awesomeness*
#epic #poke #stick #derp #winning
by FlipD3RP December 01, 2011
Another name for a drug warehouse. Know for being stuffed with drugs, or crammed. Hence the name "cramatorium".
Gangster 1: Hey dude, where's the stuff?
Gangster 2: It's at the cramatorium.
#drugs #gangster #crack #hideout #stash
by FlipD3RP November 01, 2011
A magical creature from space with a scissor beak
and fur
There's a murmup in my yard

It must have come from space
#space #creature #magical #gay #fur
by FlipD3RP March 30, 2011
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