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Yes you can!

This is a common call and response technique used by MC's worldwide. The response is always "yes you can!", though a few inconsiderates may bite and say that the MC cannot, in fact, kick it. These people are assholes.
Biz: Can I kick it?
Dj Kool: Yes you can!
Biz: You know what I can do with the mic in my hand.

Q-Tip: Can I kick it? (Yes you can!)
Well I'm gone (go on then!)
by Flip Constantine December 12, 2006
Any deviant or disturbing sexual activity in which the world wide web is an integral element or the medium by which the activity is performed.
Webcest is that special feelin' you get when you're makin' love to your old lady and you're both dressed like giraffes!
by Flip Constantine August 23, 2005

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