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Made famous by a boy in NC with some form of Tourette's syndrome, this affliction is manifested by outbursts in a variety of situations. The phrase has been adopted by others not diagnosed with Tourette's and is yelled out during good times, indicating elation. This ranges from just having had mind blowing sex, receiving a raise, or finding out that some evil bastard has gotten his punishment at last.
Jim just got a promotion. Whoo! Terry Bradshaw!

That bastard just got fired! His evil reign has come to an end! Whoo! Terry Bradshaw!

Wow! That girl is fine as hell! Whoo! Terry Bradshaw!

That was the best blow job ever! Whoo! Terry Bradshaw!
by Flightnursejim October 03, 2013
An earthquake that occurs on Valentines Day due to many people having sex at one time. The earth's rotation is initially affected, then the earth's tectonic plates become destabilized. It is at this point that tremors ensue. Of note, areas that are known for people that "Pour the Coal" when having sex are most at risk for earthquakes of this nature.
Man, I was poring the coal and Valentines Day so hard that a 4.4 Valentine's Day Earthquake happened!
by Flightnursejim February 15, 2014
The act of rolling over and clinging to the other person in bed with you when the alarm clock sounds. This type of hug resembles a spoon technique, with a strong resemblance to the way young monkeys cling to their mother in the wild.
When the xylophone alarm clock went off, I gave Sandy the Alarm Clock Monkey Snuggle. I didn't want her to get up, so I pulled her close as she hit the snooze button.

When the alarm clock went off, I scrambled to give her the Alarm Clock Monkey Snuggle to get a few more minutes of time before going to work.
by Flightnursejim December 03, 2013

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