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2 definitions by FlawedDesign

Refers to the exhuberant hilarity of an act.

''Pulling a Gado'' refers to a wildly theatrical act involving hand gestures and facial mimickry, in the hopes of making your surroundings laugh.
Hey everybody, look at Mass, he's pulling a Gado
by FlawedDesign November 23, 2010
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A ''Moondee'' (pronounced Moon-D) is the nickname locals in some African regions give to western travellers. It holds a negative connotation, and is usually used to mock them.

It is thought to have origined in the region of Uluwatu.
Local: ''Look at that tourist, he's such a Moondee!''
Local: ''That Moondee seems lost!''
by FlawedDesign November 23, 2010
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