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A sperm donor, usually some poor bastard who's been sucked in to providing swimmers for a friend.
"He's the sponor"

"What you need, is a sponor not a boyfriend"
by Fiveby5 September 04, 2008
When a contributor to the Urban Dictionary discovers that their word, previously published, has since been removed without any explanation, and other same or similar words with shittier definitions are still live on the site.
Urban Dictionary published my word, but I went back the other day and it seems I got Urban-rolled.
by Fiveby5 March 09, 2009
This term is used by people who have never gone to a rave (or dance party or doof) but try to pass for someone that has and is desperately looking for approval and inclusion in a new social circle.
"Do you go to rave-offs?"

"I love going to a rave-off"
by Fiveby5 February 02, 2008
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