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The gunk that comes out of a woman's vagina. Hopefully. First heard in Episode 4, Series 1, of Misfits.
"I can't break up with her, without travelling back in time!"

"Tell her she's got nasty snatch gunk."
#misfits #clunge #vagina #break up #time travel
by Fishenator December 16, 2011
A measurement of hunger. The higher your Hungroscity, the hungrier you are.
Hungry McGee : I'm so hungry!
Chad Hogan : What is your Hungroscity?
Hungry McGee : A milllionbilllionsquilliontrillionnzilllionquillion!!
Chad Hogan : Wanna get lunch?
#hungry #hungryness #food #eat #lunch
by Fishenator November 26, 2011
An orgasm on Magic Mushroom.
"Dude, I got totally stoned last night. Me and Collette had a fungasm."
#fungasm #magic mushrooms #borgasm #collette #stoned
by Fishenator January 02, 2012
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