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The gunk that comes out of a woman's vagina. Hopefully. First heard in Episode 4, Series 1, of Misfits.
"I can't break up with her, without travelling back in time!"

"Tell her she's got nasty snatch gunk."
by Fishenator December 16, 2011
A measurement of hunger. The higher your Hungroscity, the hungrier you are.
Hungry McGee : I'm so hungry!
Chad Hogan : What is your Hungroscity?
Hungry McGee : A milllionbilllionsquilliontrillionnzilllionquillion!!
Chad Hogan : Wanna get lunch?
by Fishenator November 26, 2011
An orgasm on Magic Mushroom.
"Dude, I got totally stoned last night. Me and Collette had a fungasm."
by Fishenator January 02, 2012

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