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A game whose origins are from an "Olde English" sketch.
The target of this game is simply to throw rocks or different unrelated items into the far stall of the public bathroom.
The presence of people inside these bathroom stalls seems to have no effect on the results of this game.
Tavit: Hey, who wants to play bathroom basketball?
Hana: B-Bathroom basketball? How do you play?!
Tavit: It's easy, you just take some rocks and throw them into that stall over there.
Hana: A-All I got are these carrots.
Tavit: Oh!
David: I've got rocks. I've been waiting for a moment like this.
by Fish Beast of Aberdeen November 15, 2006
A word used to show that something isn't very important or to cancel a meaning of an act or a say. Comes from the English word "Scandal", but means the opposite ("It ain't a scandal" or "a small scandal so it's not really a scandal"). Most common use would be to say the word very quickly, calmly, and with a Scandinavian accent.
"Marian: Bergman, pass me the Yogurt.
Bergman: There is no Yogurt left, Marian.
Marian: Scandalush."

"Netcooler: Lim dude, how did the long stay in Norway affected you?
Lim: It hasn't affected me at all!
Netcooler: So are you still mad at Sushi for doing the Schwing Queen before you?
Lim: Scandalush!"
by Fish Beast Of Aberdeen October 08, 2007

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