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The mysterious numbers from the t.v. show "Lost". The numbers appear everywhere in the show from the co-ordinates of the plane to representing the amount of people on the island.
"enter these numbers: 4 8 15 16 23 42"
4 people left on the raft, 42 stayed behind; there are 23 survivors on the other side of the island ect...
by Fintan October 21, 2005
A U2 song based on the massacre of bloody sunday. They perform it brilliantly at the Vertigo tour
Sunday, Bloody Sunday was such a good way for U2 to point out the injustice of that day
by Fintan June 25, 2005
As in 'what's the story boys?' Meaning 'What's going on guys?'. used in North Dublin, Ireland.
Meaning 'What's going on guys?'. Used in North Dublin, Ireland. 'Story boys' are guys who use this phrase.
by Fintan February 11, 2005
An inbred piece of shit who usually has AIDS and tries to mug you by threatening to put a neddle in you an injecting blood infected with AIDS into you. Usually they live in Dublin's shitholes. Person who wears NIKE all the time and pivots their cap at a 45 degree angle and usually says:
"ehh, what's de story Anto? ehhh, ye got a smoke? gimme yer money or i'll give ye AIDS
by Fintan September 06, 2004
A legend who follows the sharks.
The person entitled Mr Fintan C Real
by Fintan April 18, 2005

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