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An ass that you cannot see. According to the person with this ass, it's apparently there, but not visible to the naked eye. This is just an excuse for a woman with a really flat ass.
Finneh: I caught some bitch looking at my ass a few days ago.
STEFFFF: maybe it was my ass
Finneh: What ass? OBRN!
STEFFFF: its there. =(
Finneh: So apparently you have a ninja ass.

by Finneh December 17, 2007
A person who cuts themselves who you catapult into the woods to hope they get stepped on by a moose on CRACK COCAINE who FUKS UR COUCH.

Stands for emo.
Khiel: I hate life cuz i plai wow/gw. (//_;)
Finneh: OMFGTFO? *Catapults into woods*
Khiel: wtf. ;.;

by Finneh October 11, 2007
A large, angry butt-faerie who screams at T3H NuBxZ0rzR for being TOO PRO for their OMGWTFHAXLO)0)lz1./

A guy who can pull off a quadshot in Halo 3 using only his left asscheek.
Guy 1: Dude, we have 3 tests today. This is lame. I'm going to brick that teacher. (//_;)

Guy 2: I think I'm going to drown myself in my Cheerios.


Guy 2: KNFAI?

Guy 1: /wrsts
by Finneh October 11, 2007
A STI that causes your genetalia to fall off, and/or implode.
Dude, I heard that skank gave you a Jawnty. Ouch.
by Finneh September 28, 2007
A mook is a hoar/skank/e-hoar that's good for nothing, and doesn't put out, yet still takes your money/time/resources.
Jessica/Jawnty is a perfect example of a mook.
by Finneh September 28, 2007
Where you take the n00bs after you pwnz0r them and t33b4g their family.
I tewk dat nub 2 da PAWN SHOP aftr i pwnz0rz0r'd hiz kat n t33b4g'z his mudder.
by Finneh October 10, 2007
A reference to a really hot interwebs chick who doesn't give you l33t pr0n, but you'd still masturbate@her. Often associated with FAP@U.
Me: Man, Jawnty's a prude, but I was all like FAPFAPFAP to her anyway.
Jawnt: omg u r t3t hawtnezz<3!212!
by Finneh October 10, 2007

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