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Derogatory military slang used by front line troops to describe staff and other rear echelon or support units/troops
Buggerd pogue and his chief of staff. No I aint seen then out here busting there arse.
by Finn April 14, 2005
A first or last name of Irish origin, meaning ‘First of’, ‘Great ones’. Can also be French (but no one likes the French).
Can also be written as, "Fynn" "Finnerin" "O'Finn"
Huckleberry Finn, Finn MacCool, Finn MacCumhail.
by Finn February 23, 2005
Well on your way to blackout.
Dude, when I left your house the other day I was buddyjounked.
by Finn November 19, 2003
A synonym for random.
"It was a very sparknarf situation!"
by Finn September 02, 2004

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