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*When someone is bitching, freaking out, annoying you, talking smack, or just plain won't shut the hell up... and they need to stop! you say "Chill Yo Grill!"
1.) *Like, omg... I met this guy, and he was so fine, and I got my nails done.. omg... *Bi-ach! Chill Yo Grill! Nobody wants to hear that shit!
2.) *Dang foo, yo mama, yo mama! *Man, You need to Chill Yo Grill, before I mess it up!
3.) *Ahhhhhhhhh! I don't know what to do... AHhhh..! *Look, Chill Yo Grill, before I make you chill it!
by FineAssFloridian March 12, 2005
- What you say to a girl when you are horny and are loving that ass.
*Girrrrrrrrrrlllllllll! You are soooooooo faw-ine! Come over here and let me schmack that ass!!! Whhaaaaaaaaat! MMM-mmm!
by FineAssFloridian March 12, 2005
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