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To spam somebody with your talks and jibberish shit until the guy is sufficiently pissed to say that this is harrasing and that he'll call the cops.
My boss harrases me to do this, do that and this and that. I'm probably gonna quit if he continues. He's Harrasing Me.
by Finalninja447 March 23, 2010
Name given to players who launchs an M203 Grenade Launcher in Modern Warfare 1 and 2 because they can't get normal kills with bullets. Person who also abuses it like any other guns.
That Fucking noob is using Scavanger with a Noob Tube?!?!?!? OMG!!!!
by Finalninja447 January 21, 2010
An insult only generated by nerds who play FPS games and cant find a more valuable or more insulting reply to someone who spit an insult him (Example: Your so gay, you suck, stop camping you fucking faggot.). So he counts on the ''Emergency Reply to Insults''. Which is in general, Your Mom.

Since when mothers are implicted in video game verbal fights?
Online Guy 1: Haha, I fucking raped you this round fucking pussy!

Online Guy 2: *Can't find an insulting counter reply*

Online Guy 2: Haha, well I fucking raped your mom last night!

Online Guy 1: Dude shut the fuck up you nerd. Cant find anything better to say you dipshit.
by Finalninja447 April 19, 2010
To stick your finger up your nose and repeatidly doing motions to get a booger. In too hard motions, bleeing can occur.
Little childrens have Nasal Sex.
by Finalninja447 March 19, 2010

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