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2 definitions by Filthbag

a man or woman who takes penile penatration in their anal cavity or cocoa canyon.
Vicky's canyon canal was like fucking a warm glass of water, so we all gang banged her dirty butt cunt.
by Filthbag March 18, 2007
19 9
1) one or many persons of a filthbag ne'er-do-well nature, who crashes a party of one or more already in progress; the un-solicit sitting down at the table sponging any sort of goods and services - to money for crack. 2) one passing by another's personal space gawking more than once, eavesdropping and or mocking from afar - but still within listening range".
It has become comical how Laurie and Walt can't ever socialize within the general populace, without some dirty Cadgstead bum-rushing them.
by Filthbag March 18, 2007
3 0