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2 definitions by Fifty Cal

A big piece of turd extruded from the shit flap of andy dick himself. The most popular things to do are shit on the principal's lawn. fuck, drink, get busted, die, & yell at people. Its one big cluster fuck of shit with more shit.
Sam: Have you been to Oil City Area High School?

Phil: yeah, it was a cluster fuck.

Sam: yeah i once chewed my leg off to get out of there

Phil: How the fuck are you still walking?!?!?

Sam:Shit....... * thump * You asshole
by Fifty cal March 09, 2011
5 2
When you put your wang in a light socket & turn the switch on until it's crispy.
Dude last Saturday I went to glen's house & we tried Rice crispy stick..
by Fifty Cal December 05, 2010
1 3