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Flooring someone on purpose or accidentally with some sort of physical action.
punching a dude in the face and then he hits the deck. He is then cuntied.
Someone on twitter who is constantly leaving messages (tweeting) resembling the way a budgie constantly literally tweets.
first tweet: im so bored
second tweet(one second later): someone say something
third tweet(one second later): come on
fourth tweet(one second later): omg

other persons tweet: your tweeting like a budgie
A way to grab attention of people in a room and basically show you have arrived.
There is alot of different people chatting in a room and you walk in and shout hi-ooo and they all notice you.
An general offensive term used to describe the way a person is badly or more specifically how they consist of a cake like material made of prostitutes.
person one: im pawning you at this.

person two: shut up you whore biscut !

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