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The act of farting through one's penis.
Sara squealed with delight at the sound of Keenan's peef.
by Festus March 20, 2007
Short for simpleton; A simple minded person; someone unintelligent or foolish person
Adam and Keenan are simpies indeed, but Snake is the biggest simpie of them all.
by Festus March 20, 2007
Teets of a human mother, belonging to Mowgly McCactusbeetle.
young sierra danced with glee before June's purple mommy nummies after her daily meal of tofu at the nursing age of 7 years.
by Festus March 20, 2007
A scraggly young chap who fiddles about with his guitar
David is such a mama bird.
by Festus March 20, 2007
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