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1 definition by Fershuree

A socially awkward person.
That really sheltered kid with approximately one friend who could laugh at pretty much anything you say, or nothing at all.

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See: Awkward Turtle
Steph: Who is that kid? I've never seen him before.
Andre: He goes here, that one is a shuggs, he stays in his room usually.

Kris: Wait a second, the kid from my class is texting me again.
Steph: Ohh is he cute?
Kris: Yeah, but he's been texting me every second for the past week. Total shuggs material.

Shuggs: Hey, what are you doing?
Lis: Who is this? How did you get my AIM sn?
Shuggs: I looked you up on Facebook, you were in one of my classes last semester.
Lis: But we're not even friends on Facebook...
Shuggs: Are there any parties, or gatherings, perhaps?
Lis: Oh jesus.
by Fershuree March 30, 2009