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A reference to the Warhammer 40 000 universe, Orks are a race of brutal, greenskinned thugs rampaging across the universe in search of a fight. Kind of like British football fans IN SPACE.

They are renowned for their patchwork, jury-rigged equipment and vehicles, having looted and rebuilt anything they can get their hands on.

This lends them a haphazard appearance, so much so that the word "Orky" refers to any device, vehicle, repair-job, or, god forbid, medical procedure which is haphazardly thrown together from spare parts and only held on with spit, string and good luck.

Similar to MacGuyver
Some drunk tool put a hole in my guitar so I patched it up with some duct tape. It looks Orky now.

My car antenna got ripped off so I made an Orky one out of a wire coathanger.

I don't have medical insurance so I stitched the wound together with a staplegun. Dead Orky.
by Ferranax February 10, 2011
When birds decide to cover something in shit (Preferably something that is new/shiny/just been cleaned), they will declare Shitskrieg upon it, and start dive-bombing it, plastering any and all surfaces with faeces.

Basically, it's like Angry Birds, only with poop.
Human: Fucking birds, I just cleaned this car!

Birds: Shitskrieg successful, RTB.
by Ferranax November 11, 2011

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