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The act of rubbing your nuts when they are all sweaty and then slapping someone in their face.
Bob: "*snoring*"
Wynston: "Bob is alseep let's give him some Smack & Cheese!!"
Karl: "Omfg it smells like nut queso,*slaps Bob*"
Bob: "You fuckers I was sleeping leave me alone!"
by FedInTheA July 14, 2010
Blowing your load into a gal's mouth and then putting your bawls in her mouf.
Lindsay wanted some fun so I served her a Scotch on the rocks.
by FedInTheA July 13, 2010
A shitty-asshole
That cuggot is a giant shasshole.
by FedInTheA July 16, 2010
When a woman has a little patch of hair (usually square) above their vaginal crease, also sometimes called a Soul Patch or The European.
Madi is a sexy tan brunette that sports the Hitler Stache above her love hole.
by FedInTheA July 15, 2010
When you take a shit and one piece is still hanging from your ass and no matter how hard you shake, it won't fall break off.
Man i hate when i take a huge dump and those danglers hang from my cornhole!
by FedInTheA July 15, 2010
Big ol' tits.
Nick: "Look at that chick in the yellow tanktop."
Dalton: "Damn shes got some bots!"
by FedInTheA July 13, 2010
Most popular in the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, it occurs when you get 4+ kills with a single blow. An example would be disowning a team with a Predator Missle.
YEAH!! I had a 20 killstreak going and I got a Multi Kill to get my Tactical Nuke!!
by FedInTheA July 15, 2010

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