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Fear that, one by one, the penguins are stealing one's sanity.
Jimmy hasn't left the house lately. He's writing threatening letters to his great-great-great grandchildren and won't believe they haven't been born yet. It's kind of ironic that he seems to have sphenisciformosanikleptophobia; he won't go to the zoo. Ever.
by Fearman May 27, 2007
Timeless comedy series made with UK money and filmed largely on location in north County Clare in the west of Ireland. Exterior shots of the main characters' house were near Mullaughmore in the Burren; other locations included the northwestern Burren coast towards Black Head and the villages of Ennistymon, Doolin and Corofin.

The setting is a remote, very four-square parish house in a field on the remote and fictitious Craggy Island, off the west coast. Main characters were Father Ted Crilly (Dermot Morgan), a relatively normal character with a certain proprietorial interest in parish funds: Father Dougal Maguire (Ardal O'Hanlon), the youngest priest, a complete imbecile: Father Jack Hackett (Frank Kelly), an old senile priest whose entire head once went septic and with a passion for alcohol, whose catch-phrases were DRINK!!!, GIRLS!!!, FECK!!! and ARSE!!! (occasionally enlivened with something more coherent): and their long suffering, self-effacing housemaid Mrs. Doyle (Pauline McLynn), with her catch-phrase when offering tea or biscuits, "ahh willya go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on!", and her pastime of falling out of the front window.

Various guest stars included Tommy Tiernan, Graham Norton and Brendan Grace. The most classic episode was probably "The Plague" (of rabbits), ending in that kind of comic epiphany that a comedian, with boundless talent and more than a sprinkling of luck, might just about manage once in a lifetime.

Ran to three seasons, cut short by the tragic loss of Morgan from a heart attack. He left us too early. We shall not see his like again.
Lines from Father Ted:

"Go back to sleep, Your Grace. It's just a bad dream you're having." (From "The Plague"; I'll say no more.)

(After they have picked up the wrong very very very hairy priest from the old priest's home, commenting on the hair). Ted: "I never thought I'd see a Stage 12 before."

Ted: "You see, Tom, I think you were mistaken. When I said "take care of" the rabbits, I was thinking in a Julie Andrews kind of way. I now realise you thought I meant it in sort of an Al Pacino way. I think we'll just ... RUN, DOUGAL, RUN!!!"

Mrs. Doyle (looking beady-eyed at a shopping centre staff member over the top of a state-of-the-art gizmo that he has just told her can "take all the misery out of making tea"): "Maybe I LIKE the misery!"
by Fearman November 06, 2007
I'm in love (yippee!!!) and I hate psychiatrists (fucking nut jobs, all of them, ALL OF THEM), who are out to control the world (trembles for a few moments) and drop hydrogen bombs on everybody (BIG ones, yeahhh). Hey, have you seen my girlfriend? (BOINNNGGG!!) I'm wild! You're cool, too! (Pulls hair out, laughs.) No, seriously? Oh. (Grows sullen.) Oh. (Grows REALLY sullen.) Oh. Why would you want to do that to me? No, seriously, why would you want to do that to me? Why? Why? Why would you want to do that to me? (Jumps up on couch, pulls dramatic stance, couch falls backward, he crawls up to kneel on the front of the seat.) They've hated me ever since I played a veteran of the Great Galactic War between the Thetans and the Engrammatised Ones. (Goes boggle-eyed, cackles, shrieks ...,) We're all going to be bigger than Oprah! (YAY!) And it makes me sick, you know that? Why isn't everyone looking at me RIGHT NOW? And you know what? I'm NOT GAY!!! Mimi! Ha! Nicole! Ha! Penelope! Ha! Katie, aww, KATIIEEE!!! Ha-haaaaaaaaaaaa! Here, I can lick my own balls, seriously. Just watch me ... (Licks own balls, audience stampede out of the auditorium.)
The above was a party political broadcast on behalf of Tom Cruise.
by Fearman April 16, 2008
Comment that often deserves to be made of much of the quackery filling our global culture. Pioneered by Arte Johnson as Wolfgang the Nazi Soldier in the comedy series "Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In" from 1968 to 1973; Wolfgang would raise his head above a parapet after some preceding act, take a cigar out of his mouth, deliver the line and grin ear to ear. Best delivered in the original thick German accent, with a pause for effect midway through.
Hmm ... astral vibrations read for ninety bucks a minute. Very interesting but stupid.
by Fearman April 01, 2008
A psychotic need to avenge oneself on a group, nation, or whatever because of real or alleged victimisation visited on one's ancestors by the ancestors of the target. The person afflicted with the Agrajag Complex almost - indeed sometimes literally - seems to regard such insults as having been visited on themself personally, and dwells on the grievance so much that they cripple themselves mentally and emotionally. From the character of Agrajag in Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series of novels, who has reincarnated many times as a wide variety of different creatures, each of which was killed (or at least looked at in their last moments, Agrajag believes smugly), by Arthur Dent. Agrajag returns to take revenge on Dent in the form of a giant mutant bat with long curving teeth that lacerate his own face every time he moves his jaw.
These Northern Irish Nationalists and Unionists can all be seen to suffer from a form of Agrajag Complex.

She's a neo-pagan Luddite with an Agrajag Complex.
by Fearman March 12, 2008
Violent explosion of a star. The star is destroyed, with a remnant forming a neutron star (pulsar) or black hole (collapsar) depending on the residual mass.

There are generally two forms of supernova. One results at the end of the life of a star with at least about eight solar masses, which in a series of progressively shorter-lived and less efficient thermonuclear reactions generates ever heavier chemical elements in layers about the core. Effectively this is a star that lives fast and dies young. When each step in the process chokes up the core with nuclear "ash", contractions follow under gravity, driving up temperatures until they are sufficient to synthesise the next heavy element from this waste product. When the core fills with iron, the end point is reached; it takes more energy to fuse iron into anything heavier than the fusion reaction produces. At this point the star collapses, driving temperatures into perhaps twelve figures Kelvin and triggering an explosion that blows most of the star to smithereens.

A second type occurs in close orbiting binary systems where one star A, being more massive, evolves more quickly to the red giant phase and develops a thin outer envelope and a core rich in carbon. Its companion B skims off the outer layer, grows in mass and itself evolves to the red giant stage. At this point the carbon-rich star A begins reclaiming the hydrogen; when the gas accreting onto it drives its mass over 1.4 solar masses a huge nuclear reaction ensues and A blows itself apart.

Supernova explosions can briefly outshine the combined output of all the stars in at least a modest galaxy. They are also responsible for seeding the Universe with the heavy chemical elements of which the Earth and our very bodies are made.
A supernova is one of the most violent events in the Universe.
by Fearman November 09, 2007
Osama bin Laden. From what is effectively US policy towards the supposed mastermind of the September 11 attacks.
He was Osama bin Laden. Now he is Osama bin Forgotten.
by Fearman August 12, 2007

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