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Also known as the Fairy Godfathers. Mess with them once, and you are liable to wake up looking into the eyes of a decapitated poodle on the next pillow. Also liable to make you an offer you can't live down at the next Bible meeting.
Gay mafia ... I wish.
by Fearman November 09, 2007
A Grand Poo Bah is any overbearing and pompous authority, often claiming numerous titles, roles or distinctions and frequently overplaying their hand. An overstuffed shirt. Someone who expects others to lick up to them for nothing. From a character in the 1885 Gilbert and Sullivan operetta The Mikado. Not to be confused with the Grand Pooh Bear, who is someone else again.
There's Larry again, trying to tell everyone what to do and swanning around like he's the Grand Poo Bah.
by Fearman March 04, 2008
Grim-looking Swedish actor, born 1953, with a waaay wicked sense of humour. Has starred as hitman Gaear Grimsrud in Fargo, porn star Karl Hungus in The Big Lebowski, eye transplant doctor Solomon Eddie in Minority Report, Ernst Roehm in Hitler: The Rise of Evil and Satan in Constantine. Has also done a truly unforgettable series of adverts for Volkswagen (Unpimp my Auto). Film, stage, voice and television actor, theatrical director, musician and playwright. All round rare auld character.
Can't wait to see what Peter Stormare does next.
by Fearman November 26, 2007
(As of 2007) current occupant of the Throne of Peter. Talks a fair amount about gays in rather shrill tones. Likes to hide behind other powerful men before coming into the limelight, as he did as the author of many of Karol Wojtyla's bulls. Really has a fabulous wardrobe. Last seen slinking around St. Peter's in a pair of ruby slippers, just like Judy. Has a birth name meaning rat-catcher, good job he got his current post so he can shed that skin and emerge from his chryalis transformed into a beautiful butterfly. Most beloved closet queen on the planet. After all, he may come from the backwoods of Deutschland, but deep down he knows, there's no place like Rome, there's no place like Rome (click click) there's no place like Rome.
Benedict XVI, I've got your number.
by Fearman August 17, 2007
Verb describing penile amputation, especially when carried out by an amateur and soon followed by ejection of said organ out the window of a moving car. After the operation carried out by Lorena Bobbitt on her husband John Wayne Bobbitt.
You think you're a great lover boy, don't you? Well, if you don't swear blind you'll leave my wife alone, I'll bobbitt you!
by Fearman August 11, 2007
1. Stage name of Joseph Carey Merrick (1862-90), a man afflicted with two diseases, neurofibromatosis I and Proteus Syndrome, which made his body puff out into a series of tumours that deformed his face, head and one side of his lower body. (Often incorrectly thought to have had elephantiasis). Lived as a circus freak for some time before attracting the attention of British higher society. Died in a tragic attempt to sleep flat on his back at the age of 27; his massive head dislocated his neck. The subject of a biopic in 1980, directed by David Lynch.

2. Any social pariah, anyone seen as monstrous.
The Elephant Man's skeleton has been removed from public view.

After the incident with Hannah's microwave oven, she sees me as an Elephant Man.
by Fearman February 10, 2008
Timeless comedy series made with UK money and filmed largely on location in north County Clare in the west of Ireland. Exterior shots of the main characters' house were near Mullaughmore in the Burren; other locations included the northwestern Burren coast towards Black Head and the villages of Ennistymon, Doolin and Corofin.

The setting is a remote, very four-square parish house in a field on the remote and fictitious Craggy Island, off the west coast. Main characters were Father Ted Crilly (Dermot Morgan), a relatively normal character with a certain proprietorial interest in parish funds: Father Dougal Maguire (Ardal O'Hanlon), the youngest priest, a complete imbecile: Father Jack Hackett (Frank Kelly), an old senile priest whose entire head once went septic and with a passion for alcohol, whose catch-phrases were DRINK!!!, GIRLS!!!, FECK!!! and ARSE!!! (occasionally enlivened with something more coherent): and their long suffering, self-effacing housemaid Mrs. Doyle (Pauline McLynn), with her catch-phrase when offering tea or biscuits, "ahh willya go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on!", and her pastime of falling out of the front window.

Various guest stars included Tommy Tiernan, Graham Norton and Brendan Grace. The most classic episode was probably "The Plague" (of rabbits), ending in that kind of comic epiphany that a comedian, with boundless talent and more than a sprinkling of luck, might just about manage once in a lifetime.

Ran to three seasons, cut short by the tragic loss of Morgan from a heart attack. He left us too early. We shall not see his like again.
Lines from Father Ted:

"Go back to sleep, Your Grace. It's just a bad dream you're having." (From "The Plague"; I'll say no more.)

(After they have picked up the wrong very very very hairy priest from the old priest's home, commenting on the hair). Ted: "I never thought I'd see a Stage 12 before."

Ted: "You see, Tom, I think you were mistaken. When I said "take care of" the rabbits, I was thinking in a Julie Andrews kind of way. I now realise you thought I meant it in sort of an Al Pacino way. I think we'll just ... RUN, DOUGAL, RUN!!!"

Mrs. Doyle (looking beady-eyed at a shopping centre staff member over the top of a state-of-the-art gizmo that he has just told her can "take all the misery out of making tea"): "Maybe I LIKE the misery!"
by Fearman November 06, 2007
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