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Someone bought more burgers and fries than they could eat at a drive-thru McDonald's in the boondocks. Thirty miles down the road they tossed the leftovers out the window. The leftovers fermented in the sun and five days later a great big dog wandered by, thought the mess smelled appetising and ate it. The meal played havoc with the dog's nervous system and it went quite wild. The next time a car came by the dog took a flying leap through the windscreen at a relative speed of almost a hundred miles an hour, killing itself and likely the driver and sending the car out of control. The car flipped over four times and lay on the road, subsequently catching fire and burning out. A milk lorry came over the top of the hill and crashed into the mess, and was followed by five or six more vehicles before the authorities got the faintest notion what was going on and partitioned the area off. Shortly afterwards a Boeing 747 carrying, among other things, a few large containers of yellow paint suffered a blowout and had to descend. The paint squirted out of the plane and splashed down on top of the pile-up. A hitch-hiker came by with a camera and thought the whole thing looked intriguing. He took some pictures and downloaded them onto his computer later on. The pictures were Photoshopped to look a little spooky and later printed in this new form on T-shirts. The photographer's girlfriend wore one of these to an art gallery and he photographed her pulling faces and balling her fists while wearing the T-shirt. Later on, these photographs were projected onto a screen in a display room in another gallery and a painter executed a painting of people in the room watching the slide show. Shortly afterwards everyone involved in the production of all this art - the hitchhiker photographer, the girlfriend, the painter, and all - had the good sense to overdose on cocaine at a party and die shortly thereafter, thereby sensibly removing themselves from the means of production and terminating their financial interest in the process. The painting was sold for £300,000 at Sotheby's and artie journalists claimed it was emblematic of the ultimately existentiallistically meaningless search for meaning within the postmodernist aesthetic.
And that more or less is a typical story of Modern Art.
by Fearman March 05, 2008
Derogatory term used in Ireland to describe anyone who believes British (i.e. English) culture, goods or whatever to be invariably superior to their Irish counterparts. Not necessarily living in Dublin, although the capital boasts at least its fair share of them.
Nicola is a right West Brit. She has been living in County Cork for the last nine years and she still gets her milk and bread direct from Surrey.
by Fearman October 16, 2007
Currency in use in the greater part of the European Union since January 2nd, 2002. Adopted on that date by a core group of twelve countries: Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, the Republic of Ireland, Germany, Finland, Austria, Italy and Greece. The Euro has been adopted more recently by Slovenia, and subsequently (and jointly) by Malta and Cyprus. It is therefore a single currency for some 317 million Europeans, or more than the total population of the United States. Slovakia is set to adopt the Euro at the start of 2009, followed by Lithuania a year later and Estonia at the start of 2011, with other mainly eastern European states following not too long afterwards.

Coins in the currency are marked on one side with a representation of Europe (or the globe on copper coins) and on the obverse with a national design that varies between countries and often between denominations within a country; all versions are of course legal tender within the Euro zone. 1, 2 and 5 cent coins are of copper plated steel. 10, 20 and 50 cent coins are of an alloy known as Nordic Gold for its colour but in fact are gold free. 1 Euro coins have are two-toned, with a cupronickel centre and a surrounding nickel brass ring, a design reversed on the 2 Euro coin.

Bank notes are standardised across the Euro zone and feature representations of different styles of windows and bridges symbolic of the openness of the unifying European culture, with more modern architectural styles represented on higher denomination notes.

The Euro started off within a cent of parity with the US dollar; the exchange rate at the time of writing is approaching one Euro to one US dollar and fifty cents. Various countries in the Far East have expressed a preference for the Euro over the dollar as a unit of international currency.
This lager costs five Euro and is way too expensive.
by Fearman March 03, 2008
The only actor so far to show there is life after 007. One of the truly great sons of Scotland.
The name's Connery. Sean Connery. I was the first Bond. Whenever anyone wants to do a Bond voice, they impersonate me. Since then I've voiced Draco in Dragonheart and played Marko Ramius in Red October. I was in The Untouchables, Zardoz, Outland, and indeed countlessblockbusters, many of them quite good. I've also been an influential voice in the Scottish secession movement. Beat that, Roger!
by Fearman August 03, 2007
Someone who is remarkably in love with the idea of Social Darwinist survival of the Fittest, given that their idol LOST the 1939-45 war. Someone who given half a chance would wipe out all the blacks, Jews, gays, Slavs, left-wingers and other obvious non-Nazis in the world but isn't brave enough to declare their allegiance openly, instead using coy group names like Combat-18 (the number being code for Hitler's initials), or some such. A coward.
Let's be neo-Nazis. Hey, wouldn't it be great if we started another war, and, like, lost it again?
by Fearman July 28, 2007
Crazy military type who took over the running of the nation of dnalhcstued (also called ynamreg) and murdered lots of wejs and tsinummocs.
Who the lleh ever heard of reltih floda?
by Fearman November 28, 2007
Quirky and slightly mental-looking Hollywood actor. Hasn't got nearly as many good roles as he should. Look out for him in David Cronenberg's The Dead Zone, Spielberg's Catch Me if you Can or in the movie of Ian McEwan's The Comfort of Strangers.
Watch out. Here comes a Christopher Walken character.
by Fearman November 18, 2007
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