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An extra large can of pop (tango most of the time, sometimes orange, sometimes apple and even juice berry on the odd occassion)
"A can of jumbo tango please, could u make it juiceberry u fucking asshole, last time i was hear u gave me fucking wanky apple, i hate u, ur a fucking animal."
by Faz February 13, 2004
a website frequently visited by most males who hail from Brightons, Brightons has often been called The Gay Town of Scotland!
Mr X from brightons visited Ilickballs.com at least 4 times daily
by Faz February 13, 2004
A Penis B4 Circumcision, in other words, b4 the nasty doctor has hacked off mr foreskin.
"Hey Doc please dont mess wi my TURTLENECK it will sting a little and i dont know wot i would do without my extra skin!!"
by Faz February 13, 2004
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