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When a woman is in serious need of penetration by cock.
Dolan: Hey Fav, what did you and the locals do last nite?
Fav: We flared a couple of fatties on Inn Street and then went to The Grog to watch some band.
Dolan: What up with the chick scene?
Fav: Mostly local MILFs out pining for the pork sword.
Dolan: You do any clam stabbing?
Fav: Did some finger banging behind The Thirsty Whale, not much else.
Dolan: Typical nite in the port.
Fav: Yup.
by Fav May 01, 2008
Vaginas of girls from wealthy families. Otherwise known as O-Rock.
Fav: Wanna head over to Governor Dummer Academy to play some tennis and scoop some Oysters Rockefeller?
Mace: Grab the rackets, I'll get the car.
Fav: Sweet !
by Fav April 22, 2008
An erection. However, not at full mast. Not flacid, not rock hard.
Dolan: Whadya do last nite Fav?
Fav: Drank some single malt and hung out with Kelly Green.
Dolan: I know you are skipping out on some graphic details.
Fav: Whaaa???
Dolan: Did you pound on her pelt?
Fav: I wouldn't call it pounding, no. I could only get half a tuffy. Damn Scotch.
Dolan: Happens every time.
by Fav April 16, 2008
Something you insert into woman's vagina along with your cock due to your lack of size and or her lack of elasticity.
Bones: Hey Fav, I heard you gave it to old Sally Hayes last night.
Fav: I tried. You know what they say about Sally !
Bones: No doubt ! What did you use for a love shim ?
Fav: A can of Pabst Blue Ribbon !
Bones: Man, you are old school !
Fav: Yeat !
by Fav February 15, 2008
A meaty and greasy vagina.
For such a slender and skinny girl, I didn't expect to find such meat schlop between her legs.
by fav January 23, 2007
A male who was raised in Newbury Massachusetts. He probably had his first pot pipe before his teenage years and he threw every fucking thing he could find at cars, houses and the like. He was also probably from a decent family but has done absolutely nothing with his life. If you would like to meet him, just go to the Thirsty Whale at last call. He'll be the one standing at the bar contemplating finger fucking one of the local skanks and also how he is going to elude the pigs on the way home.
When last home and while driving down route 1, I spied Colby hitch-hiking to work. Must have lost his license again to another DWI. Fucking typical Newbury boy!
by Fav December 02, 2006
A fat and meaty vagina. Large and thick labia minora and majora.
Mary wasn't a typical teenage girl, she had quite the quarter pounder between her legs.
by Fav December 01, 2006

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