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When a woman is in serious need of penetration by cock.
Dolan: Hey Fav, what did you and the locals do last nite?
Fav: We flared a couple of fatties on Inn Street and then went to The Grog to watch some band.
Dolan: What up with the chick scene?
Fav: Mostly local MILFs out pining for the pork sword.
Dolan: You do any clam stabbing?
Fav: Did some finger banging behind The Thirsty Whale, not much else.
Dolan: Typical nite in the port.
Fav: Yup.
by Fav May 01, 2008
Vaginas of girls from wealthy families. Otherwise known as O-Rock.
Fav: Wanna head over to Governor Dummer Academy to play some tennis and scoop some Oysters Rockefeller?
Mace: Grab the rackets, I'll get the car.
Fav: Sweet !
by Fav April 22, 2008
An erection. However, not at full mast. Not flacid, not rock hard.
Dolan: Whadya do last nite Fav?
Fav: Drank some single malt and hung out with Kelly Green.
Dolan: I know you are skipping out on some graphic details.
Fav: Whaaa???
Dolan: Did you pound on her pelt?
Fav: I wouldn't call it pounding, no. I could only get half a tuffy. Damn Scotch.
Dolan: Happens every time.
by Fav April 16, 2008
A meaty and greasy vagina.
For such a slender and skinny girl, I didn't expect to find such meat schlop between her legs.
by fav January 23, 2007
A vagina. Usually one that is quite moist, produces thick white matter and has quite a salty flavor.
By fucking Angie for almost three hours, Rob turned her once thin and delicate quim into a foaming seabiscuit.
by Fav December 01, 2006
Male to female vagina intercourse.
Rob did some serious clam stabbing in his day.
by Fav December 01, 2006
Working the clit from both sides simultaneously as if you were working a speed bag. 1,2,3, one, 1,2,3, two, 1,2,3, three....
Bones: Did you hear I went out with Jules last weekend?
Fav: Hell no ! Lucky you ! Did you do any clam stabbin' ?
Bones: Didn't I tell you I've got the wounded Marlin ?
Fav: Shit, no. D'ya get anything ?
Bones: Just did a little speed baggin'. I'll be back to my old self next week.
Fav: You'll bounce back kid ! Right'o !
by Fav February 15, 2008

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