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30 definitions by Fav

Black slang for getting intoxicated.
Weezy: Hey Laquifa, whazzup ?
Laquifa: Ize justa waiting for Jamaal to step in. Soonze he get heah, Ize gonna fix him up a turkey pot pie !
Weezy: Youze got plans afta dat ?
Laquifa: Yeeah, Ize gonna head on up to Lamonts' crib. You wonna come?
Weezy: Whatyu gonna be doin' at Lamont's?
Laquifa: Ize gonna get my drink on ! Innerested ?
Weezy: I'll chek wit Rolando..mabbe he wanna come !
Laquifa: Vright !
by Fav February 15, 2008
20 8
Vaginas of girls from wealthy families. Otherwise known as O-Rock.
Fav: Wanna head over to Governor Dummer Academy to play some tennis and scoop some Oysters Rockefeller?
Mace: Grab the rackets, I'll get the car.
Fav: Sweet !
by Fav April 22, 2008
13 3
An erection. However, not at full mast. Not flacid, not rock hard.
Dolan: Whadya do last nite Fav?
Fav: Drank some single malt and hung out with Kelly Green.
Dolan: I know you are skipping out on some graphic details.
Fav: Whaaa???
Dolan: Did you pound on her pelt?
Fav: I wouldn't call it pounding, no. I could only get half a tuffy. Damn Scotch.
Dolan: Happens every time.
by Fav April 16, 2008
8 0
A vagina. Usually one that is quite moist, produces thick white matter and has quite a salty flavor.
By fucking Angie for almost three hours, Rob turned her once thin and delicate quim into a foaming seabiscuit.
by Fav December 01, 2006
9 2
Male to female vagina intercourse.
Rob did some serious clam stabbing in his day.
by Fav December 01, 2006
7 0
Working the clit from both sides simultaneously as if you were working a speed bag. 1,2,3, one, 1,2,3, two, 1,2,3, three....
Bones: Did you hear I went out with Jules last weekend?
Fav: Hell no ! Lucky you ! Did you do any clam stabbin' ?
Bones: Didn't I tell you I've got the wounded Marlin ?
Fav: Shit, no. D'ya get anything ?
Bones: Just did a little speed baggin'. I'll be back to my old self next week.
Fav: You'll bounce back kid ! Right'o !
by Fav February 15, 2008
8 2
Something you insert into woman's vagina along with your cock due to your lack of size and or her lack of elasticity.
Bones: Hey Fav, I heard you gave it to old Sally Hayes last night.
Fav: I tried. You know what they say about Sally !
Bones: No doubt ! What did you use for a love shim ?
Fav: A can of Pabst Blue Ribbon !
Bones: Man, you are old school !
Fav: Yeat !
by Fav February 15, 2008
7 1