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2 definitions by FattyMatty

an acronym on Fall Out Boy's new album.
no one quite knows what it means,
Pete Wentz wont tell anyone what the definition of W.A.M.S. means.
by fattymatty December 17, 2008
40 15
A Messy Jessie is any girl who really likes it up the butt and will take it from any guy, anywhere, but also keeps a steady boyfriend who has no idea. A level 2 Messy Jessie is when her boyfriend has heard the stories, but doesn't believe his "little angel" would do that.

Short- MJ, Dirty MJ
Girl 1- That girl has more cum in her ass than a gay porn star.
Girl 2- Yeah, she's a real Messy Jessie.
by FattyMatty November 02, 2012
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