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Chat goons are a phenomena started by a small group of people that have grown into a large internet meme. They are made by using regular characters. Examples of these are seen below.

.______. A generic "goon". This is the most basic type. It can be created with any amount of underscores.

\\\.______./// A "clawed goon". This type of goon was created later on in the meme's lifetime by other users than the original "goon" creators.

Goons developed a large following. Some stories made up to explain the "goon" fad are:

Goons are small creatures that live under beds. They enjoy chewing the toes of people. Goons have webbed feet and some goons are said to have "claws", signified by back or forward slashes. Further rumors indicate that they replace the toes of people with different objects. Supporters of the "Salad Fingers" series claim that the goons replace the toes with croutons to provide an additional strange entity to the "Salad Fingers" universe.
".____. \\\.______./// .____. Chat goons"
by Fashizzledizzle January 05, 2006

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